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Union of Agricultural Products Cooperative Societies

The Union is constituted of the agricultural cooperative societies in kuwait whose activities  enter the scope of agriculture those are presently:

1. Al Wafra Agricultural Cooperative Society

2. Abdali Agricultural Cooperative Society

3. Livestock Cooperative Society

4. Poultry Cooperative Society

The Union has free entity. It has been formed under Ministerial Resolution N0.33 for the year 1982. The Union is working for achieving the following goals:

1) To represent all itÕs members with regards to the official,non official, local, Arab and world authorities.

2) Control the agricultural cooperative movement in Kuwait, protect and defend the material and moral interests of itÕs members.

3) Promote agricultural cooperative consciousness in Kuwait and the development of membership in the cooperation movement.

4) Regularize the agricultural cooperative movement and coordinate between the activities of its members and realize harmony among them.

5) To rise the performance efficiency among its members to achieve the goals of agricultural cooperation movement in both vegetable and animals production and provide best services to the producers.

6) Provide joint services from local and foreign purchases, construct production units and similar local activities in order to reduce the cost and rise the level of services in the member societies.

7) Work for limiting malpractice of commodity prices to protect the consumer and to work for unification of the prices in the member societies and in the branches of the union.

Other activities:

1) Perform Study and research in all fields connected to itÕs member and their activities.

2) Provide advices,discussion and technical expertise to its members.

3) Using all means and methods to correct any mistakes, and solve any problems that exist in each socities and to end any dispute that may rise between itÕs members.

4) Organise training courses for the employees of itÕs members and supervise its implementation and conduct seminars and lectures to deepen the cooperation ideas and rooting it.

5) Undertake the task of information and publication for the services of cooperative movement goals for the member societies.

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